10 Best Folding Reading Glasses (2021) (2023)

10 Best Folding Reading Glasses (2021) (1)

In the modern world, any person is constantly experiencing eye strain. Sometimes, it may be quite serious. Therefore, the ability to see gradually deteriorates with age. The biggest problem that adults face after 40 years old is hyperopia. However, it can develop at a young age as well. Its signs begin to appear when a human picks up a book or magazine. The best solution to this problem can be special glasses that will make reading comfortable and safe.

Over 26 hours were spent analyzing customer reviews to provide you with the top best folding reading glasses. In this article, you will find a lot of interesting and useful information.

Top Folding Glasses for Easy Reading

RankReviewNameMagnification StrengthСolorMaterial of FrameMaterial of LensRating
110 Best Folding Reading Glasses (2021) (2)Success Eyewear

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1.25 xBlack and gunmetalPlasticPlastic9.9
210 Best Folding Reading Glasses (2021) (3)DOUBLETAKE

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1.00 x - 4.00 xBlack and silverPlasticPlastic9.8
310 Best Folding Reading Glasses (2021) (4)Marc dé rez™

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3.0 xSilverMetalPlastic9.7
410 Best Folding Reading Glasses (2021) (5)Sevenplus

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1.75 xBlack and gunmetalPlasticGlass9.5
510 Best Folding Reading Glasses (2021) (6)ThinOptics

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2.50 xBlackPlasticPolycarbonate9.0
610 Best Folding Reading Glasses (2021) (7)Calabria

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2.0 xBlackMetalGlass9.2
710 Best Folding Reading Glasses (2021) (8)Foster Grant® Gideon Black

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1.5 xBlackMetalPlastic9.1
810 Best Folding Reading Glasses (2021) (9)Magnivision® Gideon

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2.0 xBlack / silverMetalPlastic8.6

Success Eyewear Compact Folding Unisex Glasses

10 Best Folding Reading Glasses (2021) (10)

This set consists of 2 pairs of folding reading glasses. They are designed in a modest and restrained style that suits both men and women. They can be folded in half and hidden in a plastic case. This is very convenient because you can put one pair in a bag and leave the other at home. Besides, you will not be upset if you lose spectacles somewhere because you will always have a spare pair.

Glasses are equipped with plastic lenses. A durable frame material guarantees a long service life.

  • A stylish design
  • A great price
  • The pack includes 2 pairs of glasses
  • They are compact and lightweight
  • The best product in the “middle class” category
  • The size of the glasses is not suitable for a large head
  • Non-polarized lenses

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DOUBLETAKE Folding Reading Glasses with Hard Case

10 Best Folding Reading Glasses (2021) (11)

If you are looking for a quality and functional analog from more expensive companies, the Doubletake Folding Reading Glasses kit will be an excellent choice. For a low price, you get a stylish design, quality construction, clear glass, and precise magnification.

The mini case has a hinged lid with a magnet. Thanks to its small size, you can take it with you on any trip. Glasses can also be carried in your pocket or purse and taken out to read even the smallest fonts on labels or business cards.

  • A good price
  • The set includes 2 pairs of glasses
  • The case is convenient and safe for storing spectacles
  • A 2-year warranty
  • Money back guarantee in case of damaged goods
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Have a hard bridge, that may be uncomfortable for some users
  • Not suitable for long reading sessions
  • Non-polarized lenses

Marc dé rez™ Foldable Glasses for Men and Women

10 Best Folding Reading Glasses (2021) (12)

This set was created for people who read everywhere: at home, in the office, at work, or even in transport. The glasses are a compact and strong construction that folds into a 2×3-inch case. It protects your item from dirt, dust, scratches, and other damage. Readers have a metal frame and are presented in black, gunmetal and silver colors. The lenses are made of high-quality plastic and protect the eyes from fatigue and stress during a prolonged reading of books or texts on a tablet or computer. Thanks to the elegant and severe design, these glasses are suitable for both men and women.

  • A metal frame
  • Convenient cases, which are perfect for safekeeping your readers
  • Glasses don’t fall off the face
  • Comfortable to use
  • A great price for two pairs of readers
  • A stylish design
  • If you don’t put your item in a case, the lenses may get scratched
  • Can squeeze the nose bridge
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Sevenplus Blue Light Compact Folding Reading Glasses

10 Best Folding Reading Glasses (2021) (13)

If you often work on a computer and also use a tablet and a smartphone, this set will be a great purchase for you. Tinted light yellow lenses absorb 90% of the blue light. It is important to remember that prolonged influence of the blue light from digital screens or fluorescent/LED lamps may cause eye fatigue and dryness, headache, sleep problems, and even impaired vision.

Sevenplus glasses have a convenient frame as well as flex temples that allow you to adjust the width. Due to a compact size, they can be hidden in a plastic case.

  • Anti eyestrain glare coated lenses
  • Blue light protection
  • Fit any head
  • Comfortable use without fatigue
  • Excellent fixation on the head
  • Two cleaning wipes are included in the kit
  • A 2-year warranty
  • Can squeeze the nose bridge

ThinOptics Folding Reading Glasses with Keychain Case

10 Best Folding Reading Glasses (2021) (14)

ThinOptics has created ultra-thin and flat reading glasses that can fit in a wallet or cardholder. They are only 0.12 inches thick. These spectacles have an extraordinary look because they are just a bendable frame with lenses. The ultra-flexible bridge is made of titanium alloy and also has a rubber lining to hold onto the nose reliably. The main advantage of this product is that it will never break. Optical polycarbonate lenses are thin and resistant to damage. You might be surprised, but the glasses are almost weightless.

  • The item can be hidden in a convenient case and hung like a keychain
  • High-quality materials
  • A stylish and uncommon design
  • Flexfit technology
  • No money-back guarantee
  • The case is easily damaged

Сalabria Original Patented Mini Folding Glasses

10 Best Folding Reading Glasses (2021) (15)

The classic shape of glasses does not inspire a modern and advanced person like you? You will appreciate the minimalistic and high-tech design of Calabria Original Patented Mini Folding Glasses. The metal frame and sliding temples guarantee their durability and ease of use. This item folds into a small, sturdy case. Corning™ glass lenses are chip and scratch-resistant.

  • These are the original folding reading glasses
  • A modern design
  • High-quality materials
  • Sliding temples are adjustable for a comfortable fit
  • The clearest Corning™ glass lenses
  • A high price tag
  • Perhaps not suitable for a large head
  • The cover wears out in a few years
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Foster Grant® Gideon Black Folding Rectangular Glasses

10 Best Folding Reading Glasses (2021) (16)

Foster Grant glasses are very portable, comfortable, and light. The design that is strict and concise is more suitable for men. The frame is made of high-quality metal. The lenses are plastic and non-polarized. This item will be a great gift for those who often lose their glasses. They can be folded into a case and hidden in a shirt pocket.

  • Good clarity
  • The housing is very durable
  • Super portable
  • A compact size
  • Not suitable for prolonged use

Magnivision® Gideon Folding Reading Glasses

10 Best Folding Reading Glasses (2021) (17)

Magnivision Gideon Microvision reading glasses are small and compact micro-readers. They are ultralightweight and easy to fold and store in a comfortable and well-thought-out case. Now you can forget about bulky and inconvenient cases that take up a lot of space.

The frame of the glasses is made of high-quality metal and has the shape of a rectangle. The lens type is single vision. Optically correct lenses and spring loops guarantee a perfect fit.

  • Very convenient to use
  • An interesting design
  • Always and everywhere with you
  • The hard case prevents breakage
  • Slightly high price

Top Folding Glasses for Reading in 2020 (Unavailable Now

ReviewNameMagnification StrengthСolorMaterial of FrameMaterial of Lens
10 Best Folding Reading Glasses (2021) (18)Specs
1.0 xGoldPlasticPlastic
10 Best Folding Reading Glasses (2021) (19)EyeKepper
1.5 xSilverMetalGlass

Specs Folding Reading Glasses (Extra Clear Vision)

10 Best Folding Reading Glasses (2021) (20)

You probably do not expect comfort and good quality from a set of 3 pairs of glasses that costs about $22. However, you will be pleasantly surprised by the interesting design and high quality of Specs folding reading glasses. These readers fold up 3 times and can be hidden in a sturdy case.

Lenses are precise and resistant to damage.

The set allows you to leave one pair in each place where it is convenient for you, for example, one at home, one in the office, and one in the car.

  • A nice price for 3 pairs
  • Strong and durable
  • The pack includes 3 compact cases, 3 glasses cords, and 3 microfiber cleaning cloths
  • A compact size
  • Hinge joints are very stiff
  • The bridge may be a little wide for some users
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EyeKepper Frameless Folding Glasses for Men

10 Best Folding Reading Glasses (2021) (21)

If you are looking for a quality and stylish item at an affordable price, then you will definitely like EyeKepper frameless folding glasses. Rectangular lenses are suitable for any type of appearance. They are clean and aspherical. The metal temples are equipped with spring-loaded hinges that adjust to your face.

You can easily fold the glasses and hide them in a soft bag.

  • A quality metal frame
  • Glasses are optically correct
  • Help reduce eye strain when working on a computer
  • Very compact
  • A sophisticated design
  • An affordable price
  • Not suitable for a large head
  • A soft storage case

How to Choose Good Folding Glasses for Reading?

You will be mistaken in the choice if you pay attention only to the appearance of the glasses. One of the main selection criteria should be a feeling of comfort when trying on the frame and its correct position on the face. If the parameters of the frame do not correspond to your individual sizes, then you should not buy these readers, even if they are very beautiful.

10 Best Folding Reading Glasses (2021) (22)

When you choose points, you must consider the following recommendations:

  • the width of the frame should not exceed the width of the face by more than 0.07 – 0.11 inches;
  • permissible deviations in the width of the bridge are not more than 0.04 inches;
  • possible temples length difference – 0.20 inches.

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Step 1: Strength of Magnification

Lenses vary in degree of distortion (refraction). Ophthalmologists do not recommend choosing glasses yourself. Therefore, before buying optics, you need to be examined by a specialist to diagnose the problem. Reading glasses are selected by testing with the use of an eye chart that is designed to check near vision. After checking each eye separately (so as not to miss any abnormalities), gradually increasing the strength of the lenses, the ophthalmologist or optometrist selects the glasses you need for reading and writes out the long-awaited prescription.

If the optics are not correctly selected, then the occurrence of headaches, rapid fatigue, impaired performance, constant eye fatigue, and gradual visual impairment cannot be ruled out.

Step 2: Size

Another important criterion when choosing glasses is their size. You need to choose the right size so that the readers sit comfortably and do not fall off the nose.

The following features should be paid attention to when purchasing the glasses:

  • the total width of the frame – the distance from one temple to another;
  • the length of the temple;
  • the bridge width;
  • the lens width.

If you pick the wrong size, you run the risk of looking unaesthetic. Glasses can put pressure on the temples, causing a headache, and can also give the effect of optical distortion. Therefore, when choosing a frame, you need to consider the parameters specified in the prescription.

Step 3: Materials

The price tag is directly affected by the quality of the materials used. However, which materials are the best for you depends on your personal needs.

Frequently frames can be:

  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • combined.
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Steel and plastic frames are usually inexpensive. However, their service life is short – up to 3 years. Steel frames cost more but are more reliable and lighter. Also, there are frames made of precious metals: gold, silver, and platinum. They have a very high price tag, although they have a service life no longer than good metal frames.

Lenses also differ in shape and materials. Most common shapes include:

  • Spherical lenses. They are the most common and inexpensive. They correct either farsightedness or myopia. If you see poorly, both close and far, then you need to buy two pairs of glasses and constantly change them. This shape has drawbacks: through lenses for farsightedness, your eyes seem larger to others and through those for myopia – less than they actually are.
  • Aspherical lenses are lighter and thinner, and they expand the view. In them, the eye looks more natural. Making aspherical lenses is more complicated, so they cost more. This shape increases the price of the item by about 15%.

Usually, the spectacles are made of glass (mineral) and plastic (polymer). Glass lenses are cheaper than plastic ones because they are heavier and prone to breakage. If damaged, such a lens breaks into many small fragments that can get into the eyes. But glass lenses are more difficult to scratch.

Step 4: Color and Form

Glasses are not only a means of correcting vision and protecting the eyes from harmful lighting but also a great accessory that can harmoniously complement any image. Pay attention to the few tips on how to pick the right spectacles in order to look stylish and irresistible in them:

  • Make sure that the side edges of the glasses are in line with your face.
  • The frame should not go far beyond the line of the eyebrows, and the bottom should not touch the skin.
  • At strong farsightedness, glasses with diopters visually increase the size of the eyes, highlighting all wrinkles. Aspherical lenses with a little tint will help to smooth this out.
  • To prevent the nose from looking short, the arms should not have a low fit.

The color of the frame can be selected to your eye color, hair, or clothing style. You can also choose rimless glasses, like Callaway readers. It all depends on your taste and needs.

Step 5: Case

All folding reading glasses are sold with a case. It protects the optics from falling, breaking, or crushing and allows you to take them with you wherever you go. However, this is not always so. Sometimes manufacturers put a simple cloth bag in a kit. The good case must be strong, tight, and reliable.


10 Best Folding Reading Glasses (2021) (23)

After reading the article, you probably have a few questions. The topic of choosing the right and most suitable glasses is quite extensive and entangled. But do not worry, this section has all the necessary information.

What Are Foldable Reading Glasses ??

The unique design of the folding glasses is both functional and very stylish. Such lightweight frames for vision are made of durable high-quality materials, and the minimal thickness and light weight of the lenses do not impair their optical quality. Unlike most spectacles, folding halves are easier to wear and store, while in an expanded form, they are standard reading glasses and fully perform their function – reduce eye strain when reading. Such a compact design fits better in your pocket, therefore the risk of losing glasses is small. Occupying only half the volume of ordinary optics, folding glasses easily enter a portfolio or handbag.

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How Do I Know If I Need Folding Reading ? Glasses?

When a person gets older, their crystalline lens becomes less elastic and gradually loses its initial ability to focus on objects that are located at different distances. Over the years, the crystalline lens becomes denser.

Here are a few signs that it’s time to think about buying reading glasses:

  • Near objects seem blurry to you. While reading a magazine or book, you have to hold it at a distance.
  • You can hardly read the fine print in inadequate light.
  • Your eyes begin to hurt when you try to sew, read, or study small details.
  • You have a headache while reading.

As soon as such symptoms appear, it is urgent to contact an ophthalmologist to check your eyesight and pick up reading glasses.

Where to Buy ? Folding Glasses for Reading?

The high price of glasses does not mean that they will suit you better than others. Sometimes sellers in optical stores specifically advise more expensive lenses. However, today, everything you need is sold on the Internet. This way before purchasing you can make consideration of a product and read reviews. Today, the market is crowded with a variety of goods. You have the opportunity to buy modern or vintage readers. Most often, people buy in stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and others.

Summing Up

Remember that before buying glasses, you must consult with a specialist. The use of improperly selected diopters can lead to the progression of unwanted eye diseases. The frame is selected independently, however, based on personal preferences and wishes.

Proper eyeglasses care extends their lifespan. It is best to store readers in a case, wipe the lenses with special napkins, remove and put on both temples. This will save you time and money.

And do not get upset and do not even think that you are aging. Your reading glasses can become a bright accent of your image, while also providing good vision.


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