110 Names that Mean New Beginning (For Boys and Girls) (2023)

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Looking for names that mean new beginning? Here are 110 new beginning names (and their meanings) for boys and girls, you’ll absolutely love!

Struggling to find the perfect name for your child?

I’ve got you covered!

With my growing archive of over 1500 baby names, there is truly something for everyone. And this list of new beginning names will get you on the right track.

Whether you’re looking for a unique name or an unusual name or want to stick to more popular names, this list has it all.

Adding a baby to your life through birth or adoption is truly a brand new start. So these adorable names that mean new beginning are perfect to mark the occasion.

Each of these names is also listed with meaning and origin to help you decide!

Table Of Contents

  1. Why choose a new beginning name?
  2. Where to Find Baby Name Meanings
  3. Boy Names
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    • O-Z
  4. Girl Names
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  5. Gender Neutral New Beginning Names
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  7. Baby Name Bunting Banner
  8. Want More?
  9. Your Turn

Why choose a new beginning name?

There are lots of great reasons to choose one of these adorable names that mean new beginning. Aside from the fact that many of these names are out-of-the-box, they also have inspiring meanings. There are several synonyms for the term new beginning like new dawn, fresh start, hope, youth, origin, and first ray.

These words symbolize the new journey you will embark on with your baby as well as their fresh start into the world. There is so much positivity for the future captured in the meaning of these names and they carry a great energy that you can transfer to your real life.

It can also be a great name for a baby born right around the New Year holiday.

A baby’s name sticks with them forever, so why not pick something that literally encourages them to get off on the right foot!

Where to Find Baby Name Meanings

If you’re ever curious about the meaning of a name, there are several resources you can search through on the web. You can always just Google the name, but I love to use BabyNames.com and for more obscure names you can try Behind The Name. These sites will provide the meaning and origin of a name and whether it’s traditionally a female or male name or if it’s considered unisex.

The origin of a name can further help you decide if you’re stuck between a few different great choices. If you know you have family from a certain location in the world or a favorite vacation spot you might lean towards a name from that area. This can also add another special layer to your baby naming process.

Okay, let’s get to those names! Keep scrolling for 110 new beginning names, you’ll love!

Boy Names

110 Names that Mean New Beginning (For Boys and Girls) (1)

Here are 51 boy names that stand for things like “second chance”, “dawn” and “new life”. These names are sure to stand out and are perfect for the modern mom and more traditional moms, too. New beginnings are an important concept across all cultures, so you’ll see several different countries of origin for these fresh start names.

Picking a name from another culture or country is a great way to set your child apart. They’ll also have a great story to tell when people ask them about their name.


  • Aadi – Hindi origin, Beginning
  • Aleph – Hebrew origin, Number one
  • Altan – Turkish origin, Dawn
  • Amil – Arabic origin, Hope and New beginnings
  • Ankur – Indian origin, Sprout, New life
  • Arata – Japanese origin, Fresh, New
  • Arman – Arabic origin, Hope
  • Arun – Hindi origin, Dawn
  • Ashur – Indian origin, Beginning
  • Asier – Basque origin, Beginning
  • Chance – English origin, Second chance, Another try
  • Dag – English origin, Dawn
  • Dagian – English origin, Dawn
  • Ewan – Scottish origin, Youth


  • Fresco – Italian and Spanish origin, Fresh start
  • Haruki – Japanese origin, Spring child
  • Ichiro – Japanese origin, Firstborn son
  • Inizio – Italian origin, Beginning
  • Irvin – Gaelic origin, Fresh
  • Janus – Roman origin, Roman god of beginnings and gateways
  • Julian – Spanish origin, Youth
  • Kazuo – Japanese origin, First son
  • Kit – Greek origin, Hopeful
  • Mika – Japanese origin, New moon


  • Naveen – Indian origin, New moon
  • Navin – Indian origin, New
  • Neander – Greek origin, New man
  • Neo – Latin origin, New
  • Neon – Greek origin, New
  • Neville – French origin, New town
  • Newbury – English origin, New settlement
  • Newland – English origin, New land
  • Newlin – Welsh origin, New pond
  • Newport – English origin, New port
  • Newton – English origin, New town
  • Nouvel – French origin, New
  • Novak – Serbian origin, New


  • Odian – African origin, Firstborn son
  • Oran – Hebrew, Irish and Scottish origin, Little green one
  • Ordell – Latin origin, Beginning
  • Phoenix – Greek origin, Reincarnation
  • Primo – Italian origin, First
  • Primus – Latin origin, First
  • Raanan – Hebrew origin, Fresh
  • Rene – French origin, Reborn
  • Rohit – Indian origin, The sun’s first rays
  • Tan – Vietnamese origin, A new start
  • Von – German origin, Hope
  • Xavier – Basque origin, New house
  • Zoran – Slavic origin, Dawn, Beginning of light
  • Zorro – Slavic origin, Dawn or Daybreak

Girl Names

110 Names that Mean New Beginning (For Boys and Girls) (2)

Here are 59 beautiful names for girls that mean “fresh”, “first sparkle”, “sunrise” and more. If you’re looking for a rare or exotic name for a girl, you’ll find it here.

You’ll also see lots of Indian and Greek-inspired names on this list. Rebirth and reincarnation are an important part of Indian culture and are also a part of Greek mythology. These beautiful names will definitely set your little miss apart!


  • Aadima – Indian origin, Roots, Beginning
  • Alba – Latin origin, Dawn, Sunrise
  • Alpha – Greek origin, First letter of the alphabet
  • Alula – Arabic origin, First leap
  • Amaryllis – Greek origin, Fresh
  • Anastasia – Greek origin, Resurrection
  • Antonella – Latin origin, First born
  • Arata – Japanese origin, Fresh and New
  • Asha – Indian origin, Hope
  • Ashia – Arabic origin, First sparkle of light
  • Ashna – Biblical origin, Changes
  • Aurora – Latin origin, Dawn
  • Ausra – Lithuanian origin, Dawn
  • Avil – German origin, Renewal
  • Aviva – Hebrew origin, Spring like, Fresh, Dewy


  • Cerelia – Latin origin, Relating to springtime
  • Charise – French origin, Hopeful
  • Chloe – Greek origin, Young green shoot
  • Dagny – Scandinavian origin, New day
  • Dawn – English origin, New day
  • Evie – Hebrew origin, Life
  • Genesis – Hebrew origin, Origin, Beginning
  • Hope – English origin, Virtue name
  • Iola – Greek origin, Violet-colored dawn
  • January – English origin, New year, Month name
  • Javaria – Spanish origin, New house
  • Kady – Irish origin, First
  • Kia – African origin, Season’s beginning
  • Kiah – Indian origin, New beginning
  • Kiara – Korean origin, First ray of sun


  • Lola – German origin, Violent dawn
  • Midori – Japanese origin, Green
  • Nadia – French origin, Filled with hope
  • Nasima – Arabic origin, Fresh air
  • Navika – Indian origin, New
  • Naysha – Indian origin, New
  • Nayva – Indian origin, New
  • Neoma – Greek origin, New moon
  • Nova – Latin origin, New
  • Novella – Italian origin, New, Young
  • Nyssa – Greek origin, Beginning
  • Oriana – Latin origin, Dawn
  • Phyllis – Greek origin, Green bough
  • Primrose – English origin, First rose


  • Raanana – Hebrew origin, New, Fresh
  • Renee – Greek origin, New moon
  • Rishona – Hebrew origin, First
  • Roxana – Persian origin, Dawn
  • Sayara – Indian origin, New star
  • Signe – Scandinavian origin, New victory
  • Thea – Greek origin, Mother of dawn
  • Torny – Norwegian origin, New
  • Verna – Latin origin, Springtime
  • Winona – Sioux Indian origin, Firstborn daughter
  • Zara – Hebrew and Arabic origin, Blooming flower and God remembers
  • Zelenka – Czechoslovakian origin, First ray of light, Dawn
  • Zera – Hebrew origin, Seeds, Beginnings
  • Zora – Serbo-Croatian origin, Dawn
  • Zorina – Slavic origin, Golden dawn

Gender Neutral New Beginning Names

Many of the names on this list could be considered for a boy or a girl. There really aren’t hard and fast rules to what’s considered a girl name or a boy name, anyway. But, here are some ideas that are especially cute to go either way. You can use these names if you don’t plan to know the gender until birth. Unisex names are also a surefire way to make your child’s name more unique.

  • Altan
  • Ashur
  • Kit
  • Mika
  • Phoenix
  • Rene
  • Dagny
  • Genesis
  • Nova
  • Torny

Cute, right? If you liked these names, you may also like uncommon baby girl names and uncommon baby boy names. Or, if you think you may lean more traditional, check out these 590 old fashioned girl names that will take you back in time.


What names mean hope?

Hope and new beginnings go hand in hand. This list of 47 baby names that mean hope for boys and girls is truly aspirational and includes names like:

Laelynn | Flower of Hope – Canadian
Nina | Hope of Love – Arabic
Dillon | Ray of Hope – Irish
Meyer | Bringer of Light – Hebrew

Each of these names is cute and inspiring and a great way to welcome your new child into the world.

What names mean life?

Life baby names can be beautiful, special, and uncommon. These names are also similar to new beginning and have a specific purpose. Here’s a list of 50+ names that mean life for boys and girls that include:

Bibiana| Alive –Greek
Ella| Life, Beautiful Fairy –English, Danish
Daxon| Life-Giving Water –English
Hale| Healthy in Life –English

Life-inspired names have such a promising connotation and they’re cute, too!

110 Names that Mean New Beginning (For Boys and Girls) (3)

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So, where can you get one?

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Your Turn

What did you think of these new beginning names for boys and girls? Let me know which ones are your favorites and any you’d add to the list!

110 Names that Mean New Beginning (For Boys and Girls) (4)
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