EGM Achievements Guide (2022)

EGM Achievements Guide (v1.0)

• ME3EGM's achievement system relies on Shepard’s decisions and achievements throughout the entire trilogy. You must have imported saves from ME1 and ME2 to complete them all.

• Achievement triggers are checked when using the Galaxy Map, Private Terminal, or a purchase terminal on the Normandy.

A True Friend

EGM Achievements Guide (1)

Never let your friends down: be a steadfast ally of the krogan throughout the series.


·Wrex saved on Virmire
·Found/Returned Wrex’s family armor


·Grunt recruited / loyal / survived
·Killed the Thresher Maw on Tuchanka
·Found/Returned combustion manifold
·Completed the pyjak target practice
·Made friends with Urz
·Saved the Urdnot Scout by any method
·Saved the Genophage data


·Recaptured ground-to-spacecannonon Tuchanka
·Defused the Bomb in the Kelphic Valley
·Tried to tell Wrex about Dalatrass’s offer in the shuttle
·Told Wrex/Bakara about Dalatrass’s offer in the Tomkah
·Cured the Genophage
·Grunt survived his mission

·Received Wrex’s gift (post-Tuchanka)

A Deadly Acquaintance

EGM Achievements Guide (2)

Do whatever it takes: show your willingness to win at all costs throughout the Mass Effect series.


·Kirrahe saved on Virmire
·Wrex Died on Virmire


·Deleted the Genophage data
·Mordin was loyal and survived the Collector Base


·Sabotaged the Genophage cure
·Mordin survived

·Received Mordin’s gift (post-Tuchanka)

True Blue

EGM Achievements Guide (3)

Show your colors. Support the Alliance at every opportunity throughout the series, and collect all the Alliance vehicles.


·Completed UNC: Hostage – Chairman Burns survived, biotics died/surrendered
·Completed UNC: Lost Module
·Completed UNC: Besieged Base


UNC: The Negotiation
·Completed UNC: Hades Dogs – gave data to the Alliance
·Completed UNC: Rogue VI
·Completed UNC: Major Kyle – any outcome
·UNC:Dead Scientists – Alliance scientist must survive and either be released or sent to prison.
·Allowed Council to Die – Saved the Alliance Fleets
·Endorsed David Anderson for Councillor


·N7: Lost Operative – Gave data to the Alliance
·Completed Arrival DLC
·Destroyed the Collector Base
·Found all the dog tags at the Normandy SR1 crash site
·Shutdown Project Overlord and sent David Archer to Grissom Academy


·Completed the following N7 missions:
·Saved the students of Grissom Academy
·Ashley/Kaidan joined the Normandy SR2 crew


·Recovered/requisitioned all the Alliance vehicles/mechs:
-Alliance Mako
-Alliance Hammerhead
-Alliance Kodiak (spare)
-Alliance Triton Mech
-Alliance Dragonfly
-Trident Fighter
-M-080 APC

Three-Headed Dog

EGM Achievements Guide (4)

Stay true to Cerberus ideals throughout the series. Support Cerberus and its core values at every opportunity, and collect all the Cerberus vehicles.


·Citadel: Our Own Worst Enemy – endorsed Charles Saracino
·Completed UNC: Hades Dogs – did not give data to the Alliance
·Endorsed Donnel Udina for Councillor


·N7: Lost Operative – Gave data to Cerberus
·Kept the Collector Base intact
·Allowed Project Overlord to resume
·Miranda Lawson – Loyal and survived the Collector Base
·Jacob Taylor – loyal and survived the Collector Base
·Completed all Project Firewalker missions


·Miranda Lawson – survived Horizon and recruited as a War Asset
·Jacob Taylor – recruited from Gellix


·Recovered/requisitioned all the Cerberus vehicles/mechs:
-Cerberus Shuttle
-Cerberus Hammerhead
-Cerberus Mantis
-Cerberus Atlas

Trigger Happy

EGM Achievements Guide (5)

Destroy 250 targets on the Normandy's firing range.


·Break over 250 targets on the Normandy Range

A Full Boat

EGM Achievements Guide (6)

Add a full complement of crew to the Normandy.


·Appoint an Executive Officer, Marine Lieutenant and Chief Medical Officer
·Assign two Medics
·Assign two Engineers
·Assign a Facilities Manager
·Marine presence is set to maximum (Platoon)

Gas Guzzler

EGM Achievements Guide (7)

Collect all vehicles, mechs, and models.

EGM Secondary vehicles

·Alliance Mako
·Alliance Hammerhead
·Alliance Dragonfly
·Trident Fighter
·Spare Kodiak
·Mako 2183 edition
·Cerberus Hammerhead
·Cerberus Shuttle
·Cerberus Mantis
·TalonMantis (requires rescuing the Talon Gunship Pilots during the Evacuation ofThessia)
+ Hidden vehicle*

EGM Mechs

(note to find/purchase mechbay must be installed)
·Alliance Triton
·Cerberus Atlas (requires Omega: Assist Harrot)
·CAT-06 Atlas (only available from Dealer)
·Triton ADS
·YMIR Mech (requires completed Mech missions in Mass Effect 2)

Cabin Models

·Normandy SR1
·Destiny Ascension
·Turian Cruiser
·Geth Dreadnought
·Shadow Broker’s ship
·Alliance Dreadnought
·Geth Fighter
·Alliance Fighter

*Requires completion of A True Friend or A Deadly Acquaintance trophies

There are 3 models that don't count for this trophy - the Turian Fighter from Ark Mod, the Cerberus Cruiser from Miranda Mod and theHidden Model* that can be found only if you look very carefully on the cargo deck, with certain vehicle setup.

Ultimate Completionist

EGM Achievements Guide (8)

Complete every mission, assignment and side quest throughout the series, including DLC.

There are three individual completionist achievements, one for each game.
To become the Ultimate Completionist, you must have done all the listed
missions and assignments in all three games, within a single trilogy playthrough.


EGM Achievements Guide (9)

Complete every mission, assignment and side quest in Mass Effect 1 (including one each of the background and reputation assignments).

Main Missions

·Prologue: On the Normandy
·Prologue: Find the Beacon
·Citadel: Expose Saren
·Citadel: Garrus
·Citadel: Shadow Broker
·Citadel: Wrex
·Therum: Find Liara T’soni
·Feros: Geth Attack
·Feros: The Thorian
·Feros: Colony Saved
·Virmire: Saren’s Plan
·Virmire: Assault
·Virmire: Wrex and the Genophage
·Noveria: Geth Interest
·Noveria: Leave Port Hanshan
·Noveria: Peak 15
·Illos: Find the Conduit
·Illos: Trench Run
·Race Against Time

Main Mission Side Quests

·Feros: Geth in the Tunnels
·Feros: Power Cells
·Feros: Varren Meat (killed Alpha Male)
·Feros: Water Restoration
·Feros: Data Recovery
·Virmire: Kirrahe’s Team
·Noveria: Espionage (Informed Vargas what was happening, or without him being suspicious successfully plantedit or refused to help on moral grounds)
·Noveria: Smuggling (any outcome, picked up item)

Background Specific Mission (one of)

·Citadel: Old, Unhappy, Far-Off Things
·Citadel: Old Friends
·Citadel: I Remember Me

Reputation Specific Mission (one of)

·UNC: Besieged Base
·UNC: The Negotiation


·Citadel: Asari Consort (Septimus apologized and received trinket from Consort)
·Citadel: Xeltan’s Complaint
·Citadel: Dr Michel
·Citadel: Homecoming (persuade Bosker or Bhatia)
·Citadel: Jahleed’s Fears (spoken to him, any outcome)
·Citadel: Presidium Prophet (any outcome)
·Citadel: Reporters Request (find the OSD)
·Citadel: Rita’s Sister (no longer working for Chellick)
·Citadel: Schells the Gambler (any outcome)
·Citadel: Signal Tracking
·Citadel: The Fan (spoken 3 times, any outcome)
·Citadel: Family Matter (any outcome)
·Citadel: Planting a bug (any outcome)
·Citadel: Snap inspection (any outcome)
·Citadel: The Fourth Estate (any outcome)
·Citadel: Our own worst enemy
·Citadel: Negotiators Request (anyoutcome)
·Citadel: Scan the Keepers (21scanned)


·UNC: Prothean Data Discs
·UNC: Turian Insignias
·UNC: Valuable Minerals
·UNC: Locate Signs of Battle
·UNC: Asari Writings


·Garrus: Dr Saleon (Garrus present at conclusion)
·Wrex: Family Armor (gave armor to Wrex)
·Tali and the Geth (gave data to Tali)
·UNC: Hostage (Chairman Burns did not die)
·UNC: Major Kyle (either fight or reason)
·UNC: Lost Module
·UNC: Dead Scientists
·UNC: Rogue VI
·UNC: Geth Incursions
·UNC: Exogeni Facility
·UNC: Espionage Probe (killedHaliat)
·UNC: Colony of the Dead
·UNC: Listening Post Alpha
·UNC: Listening Post Theta
·UNC: Depot Sigma-23
·UNC: Missing Marines
·UNC: Cerberus
·UNC: Hades Dogs
·UNC: Missing Survey Team
·UNC: Distress Call
·UNC: Derelict Freighter
·UNC: Lost Freighter
·UNC: Privateers (told Garoth his brother was dead)
·UNC: Hostile Takeover (took out warlords and spoke to Helena Blake with any outcome)
·UNC: Asari Diplomacy


·Bring Down the Sky (any outcome)
·Avoid the Blasting Caps
·Missing engineers
·Pinnacle Station: Combat (#1in all)
·Pinnacle Station: Ahern’s mission
·Pinnacle Station: Vidinos
·Pinnacle Station: Convoy (complete all three)


EGM Achievements Guide (10)

Complete every mission, assignment and side quest in Mass Effect 2 including DLC


·Prologue: Lazarus Station
·Prologue: Freedoms Progress
·Collector Ship
·Reaper IFF
·Collector Base

Dossier Missions

·Dossier: The Professor
·Dossier: Archangel
·Dossier: The Warlord
·Dossier: The Convict
·Dossier: Tali
·Dossier: The Assassin
·Dossier: The Justicar
·Dossier: The Master Thief
·Dossier: The Veteran


·Garrus: Eye for an Eye
·Grunt: Rite of Passage
·Jack: Subject Zero
·Jacob: The Gift of Greatness
·Legion: A House Divided
·Miranda: The Prodigal
·Mordin: Old Blood
·Samara: The Ardak-Yakshi (either Morinth joined or was killed)
·Thane: Sins of the Father
·Kasumi: Stealing Memory
·Zaeed: The Price of Revenge


·Serrice Ice Brandy
·FBA Couplings
·Special Ingredients


·Citadel: Council
·Citadel: Captain Bailey
·Citadel: Found Forged ID
·Citadel: Crime in Progress
·Citadel: Krogan Sushi (either explain or persuade the Krogan to buy the fish)


·Liara: The Observer
·Conrad Verner (either resolve or persuade Conrad to leave)
·Blue Rose of Illium (either outcome)
·Illium:Gianna Parasini (any outcome, only if Gianna survived ME1)
·Rachni Messenger (only if Rachni Queen survived ME1)
·Indentured Service
·Medical Scans
·The Assassin: Salarian Family Data
·The Justicar: Smuggling Evidence (either gave to Pitne For or Detective Anaya)
·The Justicar: Stolen Goods Found
·The Prodigal: Lost Locket Found


·Combustion Manifold
·Killing Pyjaks
·Old Blood: Missing Scout (returns or killed)


·Archangel: Datapad recovered
·Batarian Bartender
·Packages for Ish
·Struggling Quarian (get Kenn off station any method)
·The Patriarch
·The Professor: Missing Assistant (saved)


·N7 Blue Suns: Archaeological Dig Site
·N7 Blue Suns: MSV Strontium Mule
·N7: Mining the Canyon
·N7: MSV Estevanico
·N7: Quarian Crash Site
·N7: Endangered Research Station
·N7: Abandoned Research Station
·N7: Hahne-Kedar Facility
·N7: Eclipse Smuggling (recover at least one cargo crate)
·N7: Abandoned Mine
·N7: Anonomly Weather
·N7: Captured Mining Facility
·N7: Imminent Crash
·N7: Lost Operative


·Purchase all Normandy upgrades: Medical Bay, Cannons, Shields, Armor, Probes, Fuel, Scanners
·Legion acquired Widow Sniper Rifle
·Grunt acquired Claymore Shotgun


·Firewalker I: Rosalie Lost
·Firewalker II: Volcano Station
·Firewalker III: Artifact Collection
·Firewalker IV: Geth Incursion
·Firewalker V: Prothean Artifact

·Overlord: Hermes station
·Overlord: Vulcan station
·Overlord: Prometheus station
·Overlord: Atlas station
·Overlord: Data Hound (find all data nodes)

·Normandy Crash Site (find 20 dog tags)
·Lair of the Shadow Broker
·Arrival(any outcome)


EGM Achievements Guide (11)

Complete every mission, assignment and side quest in Mass Effect 3 including DLC.


·All Priority missions from Vancouver to Cronos (The trophy will only fire after Cronos)
·Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation
·Tuchanka:Turian Platoon
·Tuchanka: Bomb
·Attican Traverse: Krogan Team
·Rannoch: Admiral Koris
·Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons
·Mesana: Distress Signal
·Arrae :Ex-Cerberus Scientists


·N7: Cerberus Fighter Base
·N7: Cerberus Abductions
·N7: Cerberus Attack
·N7: Cerberus Lab
·N7: Communication Hub
·N7: Fuel Reactors

Missions on the Citadel

(Note:some have different names depending on the order they are discovered, any
method is acceptable)

·Citadel: Cerberus Retribution
·Citadel: Barla Von
·Citadel: Batarian Codes
·Benning: Evidence
·Citadel: Hanar Diplomat
·Citadel: Volus Ambassador
·Citadel: Inspirational Stories
·Citadel: Wounded Batarian
·Citadel: Medi-Gel Sabotage
·Aria: Blue Suns
·Aria: Eclipse
·Aria: Blood Pack
·Citadel: Krogan Dying Message
·Dekuuna: Elcor Extractions
·Citadel: Asari Widow
·Ismar Frontier: Prototype Components (must return the prototypes to the Doctor)
·Citadel: Banner of the First Regiment
·Citadel: Book of Plenix
·Citadel: Code of the Ancients
·Citadel: Prothean Data Drives
·Citadel: Kakliosaur Fossil
·Citadel: Obelisk of Karza
·Citadel:Library of Asha
·Citadel: Prothean Obelisk
·Citadel: Pillars of Strength
·Citadel: Rings of Alune
·Citadel: Prothean Sphere
·Citadel: Hesperia Period Statue
·Citadel: Alien Medi-Gel Formula
·Citadel: Cerberus Turian Poison
·Citadel: Cerberus Ciphers
·Citadel: Reaper Code Fragments
·Citadel: Target Jamming Technology
·Citadel: Cerberus Automated Turret Schematics
·Citadel: Heating Unit Stabilizers
·Citadel: Biotic Amp Interfaces
·Citadel: Chemical Treatment
·Citadel: Improved Power Grid


· Leviathan (complete Desponia, any outcome for Ann Bryson)
· Omega
· Omega: Assist the Mechanic
· Omega: Assist the Hacker
· Omega: Assist Harrot
· Citadel: Party
· Citadel Arena: Geth Challenge
· Citadel Arena: Medi-Gel Challenge
· Citadel Arena: Spin Zone Elite Challenge
· Citadel Arena: Reaper Solo Challenge
· Citadel Arena: Prothean Challenge
· Citadel Arena: Cerberus Challenge
· Citadel Arena: Reaper Alien Challenge* (Restored content)
· Citadel Arena: Thermal Clip Challenge
· Citadel Arena: Charity Reaper Challenge
· Citadel Arena: Unusual Scores

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