IdentityIQ Identity Theft Protection review (2023)

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IdentityIQ Identity Theft Protection review (1)



3.6 out of 5 Stars


$8.50 to $25.50 (with annual plan discount)

On IDIQ's website

IdentityIQ Identity Theft Protection review (2)



3.6 out of 5 Stars


$8.50 to $25.50 (with annual plan discount)

On IDIQ's website

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IdentityIQ Identity Theft Protection review (3)

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On IDIQ's website



$8.50 to $25.50 (with annual plan discount)

Editor's Rating


3.6 out of 5 Stars

Pros & Cons


Family coverage with no extra cost

VPN and anti-virus protection plans

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No refunds

No mobile app

No social media monitoring


More Information

  • Annual 3-bureau credit reports and scores
  • 1-bureau credit report monitoring
  • One million dollar stolen funds reimbursement

Being a victim of identity theft is particularly biting because it can stay undetected until the consequences are right in your face. Your personal information can be floating around on the dark web or stamped on a criminal charge without you realizing it. Identity theft protection services can detect any breaches in your identity and protect it from further harm.

One option to consider is IdentityIQ, owned by IDIQ, which also owns the credit monitoring site myScoreIQ and rent reporting service ResidentLink. Look at the various IdentityIQ plans and how it compares to other identity theft protection services in our IdentityIQ review.

IdentityIQ review

IdentityIQ is a middle-of-the-road identity theft monitoring service. Compared to IdentityIQ, the best identity theft protection services offer more features for more competitive rates. Two of the most notable exclusions in IdentityIQ's otherwise extensive list of features are social media monitoring and a mobile app.

That said, IdentityIQ is a decent service if you're looking for identity theft protection for your entire family, as IdentityIQ's most comprehensive plan, Secure Max, offers some light protection for children. However, you will find better coverage in other plans with more comprehensive family plans.

IdentityIQ also doesn't give refunds regardless of when you cancel your subscription. Additionally, users have reported difficulty in canceling their IdentityIQ subscription on the company's Better Business Bureau website. The BBB gave IdentityIQ a B+.

IdentityIQ Identity Theft plans

IdentityIQ offers four levels of identity theft protection: the base plan, Plus, Pro, and Max. It's worth noting that you can get anti-virus and VPN services for an additional $2 per month on each plan.

Here's what the base plans offer:

Secure PlanSecure PlusSecure ProSecure Max
Price (Monthly)$6.99$9.99$19.99$29.99
Credit monitoringTransUnion monitoringTransUnion monitoringThree-bureau monitoringThree-bureau monitoring
Credit reportsNoneAnnual three reportsBi-annual three reportsMonthly three reports
Stolen fund reimbursement$1 million$1 million$1 million$1 million
Dark web & internet monitoringYesYesYesYes
Lawyer and expert coverageYesYesYesYes
SSN AlertsYesYesYesYes
Synthetic ID theft protectionYesYesYesYes
Lost wallet assistanceYesYesYesYes
ID restorationYesYesYesYes
Crime alertsNoNoYesYes
Score change alertsNoNoYesYes
Credit score simulator and trackerNoNoNoYes
$25k ID Theft insurance - family protectionNoNoNoYes
Fraud restoration with limited power of attorneyNoNoNoYes

IdentityIQ features

Looking at all of IdentityIQ's features is a lot to process, so let's break some of them down.

Credit monitoring and credit reports

If an identity thief obtains your social security number, they will usually try and use it to borrow money under your name. It's important to catch any instances of identity theft early to mitigate damages. IdentityIQ reviews your credit report and notifies you of any changes it detects. IdentityIQ reserves monitoring of all three of the major credit bureaus for their upper subscription tiers, but a little credit monitoring is better than none.

Depending on which plan you sign up for, IdentityIQ also affords you credit reports from the three bureaus. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you are allowed one free annual credit report per credit bureau. If this feature is why you want an identity theft protection service, it's best to hold off on making any purchases until next year, as you can access weekly credit reports until the end of 2023.


IdentityIQ offers up to $1 million in identity theft insurance for stolen funds, any lawyers and experts you need, and additional personal expenses resulting from identity theft. The Secure Max plan offers $25,000 in reimbursements for family members if they're under 24 and live in your house as a permanent resident.

Dark web and criminal activity monitoring

Dark web monitoring and criminal activity monitoring are two of the services that most identity theft protection services perform that are hard to replicate on your own. Dark web monitoring scans the dark web for any personal information that may be exchanging hands, which services like IdentityIQ can spot for you. Criminal activity monitoring performs a similar function, monitoring public records for instances of potential criminal identity theft.

(Video) IdentityIQ | Identity Theft Protection

Lost wallet assistance

Lost wallet assistance is a particularly helpful service that will assist you with all the hassle that comes with losing your wallet, including canceling and replacing credit cards, social security cards, and anything else you keep in your wallet.

How much does IdentityIQ cost?

IdentityIQ prices range from $6.99 per month to $29.99 per month. If you pay for an annual subscription, those prices drop by 15%, ranging from $101.90 to $305.90 per year. Unfortunately, IdentityIQ does not give refunds for canceled subscriptions, so if you decide to cancel your service at any point in your annual subscription, you won't see any money back.

IdentityIQ offers a week-long trial period for $1 for you to see if IdentityIQ is a good fit.

How to buy IdentityIQ

Regardless of what IdentityIQ plan you subscribe to, you should make use of IdentityIQ's $1 seven-day trial. You'll need to plug in all the information you'd plug in as if you were buying the full-price product including your credit card details and social security number.

Use this period to explore IdentityIQ's dashboard and see if it's something you'll actually use. Even if IdentityIQ has everything you need at a price you're willing to pay, if you find its user interface off-putting or you need a mobile app to keep up with any updates, it might be a good idea to keep shopping around.

If everything is to your liking, you don't have to do anything to buy into the regular subscription. Once your free trial expires, your account will automatically roll into the full-price subscription.

How IdentityIQ compares to its competition

IdentityIQ is more expensive than all of the services in our guide for the best identity theft protection services.

CompanyMonthly subscription costAnnual subscription cost
IdentityForce Ultra Secure+Credit$23.95$239.50
IDShield 3 Bureau Individual Plan$19.95N/A
Aura – All-In-One ID Theft Protection$12$108
PrivacyGuard Identity Protection$24.99N/A
Complete ID$13.99 or $8.99 based on Costco membership typeN/A

How we evaluate ID theft companies

Most identity theft services follow the same tiered pricing system, offering more features for more money. Because these companies also offer similar services for their premium service, we rate companies based on what they're willing to provide and what they're charging for these services. Along the way, we make note of exceptional inclusions and exceptional exclusions.

For example, IdentityForce includes public records and dark web monitoring in its base plan (Ultrasecure). At the same time, IdentityIQ reserves public records monitoring for its more expensive plans (Secure Pro and Secure Max). That said, IdentityIQ includes $25,000 in identity theft insurance for family members for no extra cost.

While this is primarily how we rate identity theft companies, we also look at a company's Better Business Bureau rating to see how responsive they are to their customers. We also consider other outlying factors, such as a data breach or other cybersecurity mishaps.

IdentityIQ frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Does IdentityIQ offer a trial period?

IdentityIQ offers a seven-day trial for $1 for all plans. Once the trial period ends, your account automatically renews into a paid subscription. You must manually cancel your account if you don't want to continue your IdentityIQ plan.

Can I cancel IdentityIQ?

You can cancel your IdentityIQ by calling their customer care line at 877-875-4347 during office hours (7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST Monday to Friday and 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST on Saturdays). You will need to confirm your identity to cancel over the phone. You can also cancel through the "cancel" button on your user account. IdentityIQ's parent company IDIQ states that even when you cancel your subscription, IDIQ maintains access to your credit reports under Fair Credit Reporting Act authorization. They can use this access to continue credit monitoring at their discretion or send you promotional offers based on your credit file.

Though you can cancel IdentityIQ at any time, IdentityIQ does not issue refunds regardless of when you cancel your subscription. Reviewers on IdentityIQ's Better Business Bureau page often mention how difficult it was to cancel their IdentityIQ subscription.

How can I contact IdentityIQ customer service?

You can contact IdentityIQ's customer care line at 877-875-4347. You can also send an email to

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Is IdentityIQ legitimate? ›

IdentityIQ services are not a scam. Instead, the IdentityIQ product has been around for more than a decade and brought identity protection and credit monitoring to more than 2 million members. IdentityIQ benefits include identity theft protection and credit report monitoring along with anti-virus and VPN.

Is it worth it to get identity theft protection? ›

If you're willing to monitor your credit closely and deal with the fallout if your identity does get stolen, then you might not need an additional insurance policy. The New York Times declared “most people shouldn't pay for identity theft protection” back in 2020.

What's the best identity theft program? ›

The Best Identity Theft Protection Services of 2023 are:
  • #1 IdentityForce – Best Identity Theft Protection Service of 2023.
  • #2 IDShield – Best for Identity Recovery Assistance.
  • #3 (tie) Aura.
  • #3 (tie) Zander – Best Budget Identity theft Protection Service.
  • #5 (tie) Identity Guard.

How does IdentityIQ work? ›

It offers basic identity theft monitoring and only Equifax credit monitoring, along with annual credit reports from all three bureaus. However, stolen funds reimbursement is provided on all plans (with others, that's limited to the higher-tier plans only).

Who owns IdentityIQ? ›

IdentityIQ was acquired by Corsair Capital on Dec 16, 2020 .

Can you get a refund from IdentityIQ? ›

5.7 No Refunds. You may cancel your IDIQ account at any time; however, there are no refunds for cancellation.

Is SSN enough to steal identity? ›

Financial identity theft

An identity thief can use your SSN together with your PII to open new bank accounts or access existing ones, take out credit cards, and apply for loans all in your name.

Who does Dave Ramsey recommend for identity theft protection? ›

Zander Insurance is RamseyTrusted.

It means that they're the only company Dave and the entire Ramsey team recommend for identity theft protection. Zander has faithfully served our fans for over two decades and will do whatever it takes to help you win. They offer the coverage you need and nothing you don't.

Should I protect my SSN? ›

An organization's collection and use of SSNs can increase the risk of identity theft and fraud. Each time an individual divulges his or her SSN, the potential for a thief to illegitimately gain access to bank accounts, credit cards, driving records, tax and employment histories and other private information increases.

Is there a better option than LifeLock? ›

We have compiled a list of solutions that reviewers voted as the best overall alternatives and competitors to LifeLock, including Keeper Password Manager, Allstate Identity Protection, AVG Internet Security Business Edition, and ID Shield.

Is there a better company than LifeLock? ›

The bottom line: Aura offers more features, better protection with included digital security tools, and more affordable pricing than LifeLock's comparable plan.

How do I check to see if someone is using my Social Security number? ›

Contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) at 1-800-908-4490 or visit them online, if you believe someone is using your SSN to work, get your tax refund, or other abuses involving taxes.

What is the difference between IdentityIQ and IdentityNow? ›

IdentityNow was designed to be an elemental yet dominant, cost-effective IDaaS solution, with minimal software or hardware to deploy. IdentityIQ is most appropriate for companies with a strong requirement for customisation and for index requests in “role” and “entitlement” based configurations.

Does identity verification affect credit? ›

No, verifying your identity through Experian will not affect your credit score. This is considered a “soft pull” and has no impact on your credit.

How do I cancel my credit IQ? ›

You can cancel your monitoring membership by calling the Customer Service department at 800-637-5590, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Saturdays 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m CST.

How do I contact IdentityIQ? ›

How do I contact IdentityIQ customer service before or after I enroll? Please call 1-800-637-5680.

When was IdentityIQ founded? ›

IDIQ was founded in 2009 by Mikol Sesker, who continues to be a significant investor in the business. The company has received numerous industry awards for its solutions, including Inc. magazine selecting it for the Inc.

What is member IdentityIQ? ›

® IdentityIQ provides identity theft protection services that offer credit reports from the three major credit bureaus, $1 million in identity theft insurance1, dark web monitoring, real-time fraud and SSN alerts and much more!

How to stop IdentityIQ? ›

You may cancel your IdentityIQ account by contacting them by phone at 877-875-4347. Tell the representative you want to cancel, and ask for a verification email.

How do I stop payment on IdentityIQ? ›

To cancel your IdentifyIQ subscription, you'll need to contact the IdentifyIQ customer service team on 1-877-875-4347.

What credit score does IdentityIQ use? ›

IdentityIQ offers FICO® or VantageScore® credit scores from each of the credit bureaus, and your score will always be accurate based on the latest reporting.

What do the last 4 digits of SSN mean? ›

The nine-digit SSN is composed of three parts: The first set of three digits is called the Area Number. The second set of two digits is called the Group Number. The final set of four digits is the Serial Number.

Can I freeze my Social Security number? ›

This is done by calling our National 800 number (Toll Free 1-800-772-1213 or at our TTY number at 1-800-325-0778). Once requested, any automated telephone and electronic access to your Social Security record is blocked.

Has LifeLock ever been hacked? ›

Information belonging to thousands of Norton LifeLock users was compromised in a recent data breach, LifeLock parent company Gen Digital warns.

What is the fastest growing identity theft? ›

Synthetic Identities Are One of the Fastest Growing Forms of Identity Theft. What do you get when you combine real identity data with fabricated data? You get what is commonly termed a “synthetic identity.” It exists only in the virtual world but can wreak havoc in the real one.

What are the 5 most common types of identity theft? ›

Driver's License Identity Theft. Mail Identity Theft. Online Shopping Fraud. Social Security Number Identity Theft.

What are three warning signs of identity theft? ›

25 Warning Signs of Identity Theft
  • Unfamiliar charges on your bank statement.
  • Strange or unrecognized credit card charges.
  • New credit cards or loans in your name.
  • Unexpected calls from debt collectors.
  • You're denied credit.
  • Bounced checks (if you know you have available funds)
  • A sudden drop in your credit score.
Jan 6, 2023

Who should you not give your SSN to? ›

Anybody who approaches you on the street, whether it's a cell phone company salesman offering a free T-shirt or someone running a voter registration campaign: Never, ever give your SSN. If you want an ill-fitting T-shirt festooned with corporate logos, buy one.

How much does it cost to freeze your Social Security number? ›

It costs $10 to place a security freeze with each credit bureau. It will cost $30 to put it on all three bureaus. If you are married and want a freeze on all three bureaus for both spouses, it will cost $60. Residents ages 65 and over can get a security freeze for free.

Is LifeLock a Chinese company? ›

LifeLock Inc. is an American identity theft protection company based in Tempe, Arizona.

Is paying for LifeLock worth it? ›

LifeLock is certainly a good choice, and that's especially true if you want Norton 360 antivirus software and access to a VPN that can protect your personal information when you're online.

Which is better ID Shield or LifeLock? ›

Between LifeLock vs. IDShield, our business experts hail the latter as the overall winner. We recommend IDShield to families as it offers flexible plan options and services from a licensed private investigator. It is the best identity theft protection that can cover you, your spouse, and up to eight children.

Who is a competitor to LifeLock? ›

In this article, we'll give you an overview of three great alternatives to LifeLock: Identity Guard, IdentityForce, and IdentityIQ.

What is the average cost of LifeLock? ›

LifeLock allows you to add device security for an extra fee; it's also possible to buy computer security packages from Norton and add identity theft coverage. LifeLock Standard which costs $11.99 after promotions or $124.99 annually for individuals includes: Credit monitoring from one of the credit bureaus.

How much does LifeLock charge a month? ›

Price. The price for an annual subscription for one adult is $89.99 for the first year. After the first year, your plan will cost $124.99 per year. If you choose to pay monthly for your subscription, it is $8.99 per month for the first year and renews at $11.99 per month.

What happens when you lock your Social Security number? ›

Locking your Social Security number prevents anyone — including you — from changing or accessing your Social Security record. If your Social Security number is compromised and you're already the victim of identity theft, act quickly to safeguard your personal information.

Can someone open a bank account in your name without you knowing? ›

Because there is no consumer victim to report a stolen identity, accounts opened by synthetic identities often go undetected.

How do I check if my identity has been stolen? ›

What you can do to detect identity theft
  1. Track what bills you owe and when they're due. If you stop getting a bill, that could be a sign that someone changed your billing address.
  2. Review your bills. ...
  3. Check your bank account statement. ...
  4. Get and review your credit reports.

How reliable is Identity Guard? ›

Our Verdict. Identity Guard is one of the top providers in the identity theft protection space thanks to its comprehensive monitoring options and the fact all plans come with identity theft insurance.

What is the difference between identity now and IdentityIQ? ›

IdentityNow was designed to be an elemental yet dominant, cost-effective IDaaS solution, with minimal software or hardware to deploy. IdentityIQ is most appropriate for companies with a strong requirement for customisation and for index requests in “role” and “entitlement” based configurations.

What is SailPoint IdentityIQ and why is it so popular? ›

SailPoint IdentityIQ is custom-built for complex enterprises. A complete solution leveraging AI and machine learning for seamlessly automating provisioning, access requests, access certification and separation of duties demands.

Does Identity Guard Protect SSN? ›

Identity Guard® Essentials is more than just basic protection for your identity. We'll be monitoring not only your SSN, but also routinely scanning the internet to see if your personal information or financial account details are being shared illegally.

How does identity Guard compare to lifelock? ›

Both Identity Guard and Lifelock offer a basic plan. Identity Guard's Value plan is more expensive than Lifelock's Standard plan and is slightly more limited. Identity Guard Value monitors the dark web and any of your high-risk transactions. Lifelock Standard does this and includes one-bureau credit monitoring.

Does Identity Guard Protect your Social Security number? ›

Protecting Consumers From Identity Theft and Financial Fraud for Over 25 Years. We monitor your name, Social Security number (SSN) and driver's license number to prevent identity fraud and will alert you if we detect your personal information is exposed.

What does identity contribute to the certification in IdentityIQ? ›

IdentityAI – Integrating IdentityAI within IdentityIQ enables the delivery of Predictive Identity. IdentityAI is a rule based machine learning engine using identity graph technology to provide recommendations for access review and access request decisions.

Why is SailPoint used? ›

Sailpoint provides a great platform to manage access and provide in depth visibility into security system of the organization. It allows automation of workflows involved in access requests and help create certifications for compliances and access management.

Does IdentityIQ have an API? ›

These are the SCIM APIs for SailPoint's on-premise service, IdentityIQ. We encourage you to join the SailPoint Developer Community forum at to connect with other developers using our APIs.

How do I cancel my identity Q membership? ›

To cancel your IdentifyIQ subscription, you'll need to contact the IdentifyIQ customer service team on 1-877-875-4347.

Does Amazon use SailPoint? ›

SailPoint is an AWS Security Competency Partner and Amazon EventBridge integration partner. SailPoint's identity governance enables enterprises to create a more secure and compliant environment through governed access to AWS.

How much does SailPoint cost? ›

Pricing Information
UnitsDescription36 MONTHS
SailPoint SaaS2500 Identities - SailPoint Identity Security Platform$825,000

How many companies are using SailPoint? ›

We have data on 2,206 companies that use Sailpoint.


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